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Why are customer stakeholders important to the business outcome-based sales approach?

A.    Because understandingthe concerns, interests, power, and influence of stakeholders enables successful stakeholder engagement.
B.    Because stakeholders consists of partners who are either part of the organization or are external to the organization.
C.    Because stakeholder strategy influence business needs and their involvement in a project to change them.
D.    Because relevant and potential stakeholders exist across customers’ and sales professionals’ organizational and functional roles.

Answer: D

Which option is a difference in the set of questions that Cisco’s approach to outcomes-based sales uses in helping organizations to move from product to outcome-based sales?

A.    The product approach answers the question of what product is needed, while the outcomes approach answers what capabilities are needed to achieve the solutions.
B.    The product approach answers the question of how progress is displayed and correctly communicated, while the outcomes approach answers what the business objectives services must be included in each solution.
C.    The product approach answers the question of what product is needed, while the outcomes approach answers what the business objectives and desired outcomes are.
D.    The product approach answers the question of what capabilities are needed to deliver product & services, while the outcomes approach gives an answer to what the business rules and capabilities are.

Answer: C

Which two options are part of the five steps approach needed to conduct a stakeholder analysis? (Choose two.)

A.    Define ways to move stakeholders from their current to future position.
B.    Identifycustomer stakeholders.
C.    Define absolute power and interest of stakeholders.
D.    Generate consensus among stakeholders.

Answer: AB

Which two factors must you know about stakeholders to identify where they fall in a power grid? (Choose two.)

A.    role in company
B.    purchasing power
C.    degree of interest
D.    size of budget
E.    degree of influence

Answer: CE

Which framework is used to plan influential communication when seeking customer support for action?

A.    business model canvas
B.    principled negotiation
C.    seven elements
D.    stakeholder analysis matrix

Answer: C
Business Model Canvas is to define the customer environment, business model, and motivators for change, whereas Seven Elements Framework helps in communicating and negotiating with stakeholders.

Which three audience types represent important stakeholders? (Choose three.)

A.    suppliers
B.    employees
C.    executives
D.    influencers
E.    gate keeper
F.    decision makers

Answer: DEF

Which two options provide financial benefits of business outcome-based selling? (Choose two.)

A.    New mindset and new capabilities
B.    Reduced CAPEX and lower project costs.
C.    Increased accountability and a better understanding of resource use.
D.    Process efficiencies and faster time to market for new solutions.

Answer: BC

Which are two purposes of the Cisco enablement resources and Cisco Playbooks when articulating the business value to customers? (Choose two.)

A.    To help the sales force develop new marketing strategies.
B.    To provide additional information on Cisco solutions and services.
C.    To enhance the technology experience and influence the customer.
D.    To improve the proposal and provide the bill of materials to the customer.
E.    To help the sales force with the selling process.

Answer: BC

Which statement is true regarding technical requirements?

A.    They establish the technical features that the customer value proposition must include.
B.    They establish the technical strategy customer needs to follow to double the business size.
C.    They establish what the business needs to do in order to reduce time to market.
D.    They establish the business strategy that the customer must follow to accelerate their go to market.

Answer: A

Which three options are additional costs arising from a subscription model and should be factored into the total cost of ownership of IT as a Service?

A.    auditing and control
B.    cost of hardware and software
C.    software asset and managed
D.    cost of accounting and tracking
E.    quality assurance management
F.    chargeback and showback

Answer: ACD

Which option is the outcome when comparing the current state of technology with the capabilities of emerging technologies?

A.    Identify gaps for upgrading Cisco products.
B.    Identify gaps that provideopportunities for new services and solutions.
C.    Identify new cloud-based technologies.
D.    Identify the new stakeholders.

Answer: C

Which two options are benefits of effective communication with stakeholders? (Choose two.)

A.    It allows other strengths to create maximum impact.
B.    It lessen the impact of business weakness.
C.    It helps mitigate the intrinsic risks with negotiation.
D.    It allows effective interaction between stakeholders.

Answer: CD

Which solution enables business outcomes in the healthcare industry?

A.    Multilayer Switching
B.    Medianet
C.    Collaboration
D.    Advanced Routing

Answer: B

Which three options are common business needs across industry verticals? (Choose three.)

A.    Connected Reactive Maintenance
B.    Connected Mobile Workforce
C.    Connected Platforms
D.    CMX Digital Experience
E.    Secure Ops
F.    Connected Enterprise Resources

Answer: ABE

Which three options are perspectives of the customer needs? (Choose three.)

A.    Functional Area Management
B.    Finding Investors
C.    Technical Professionals
D.    Executive Management
E.    Strategic Executives
F.    Operative Professionals

Answer: ACD

Which two options are indirect benefits of a business outcome? (Choose two.)

A.    Lower maintenance contract cost
B.    Improved customer satisfaction
C.    Lower purchase price of IT assets
D.    Faster time to market for new solutions

Answer: BD

Which option is one of the ways customers expect to gain access to a capability while paying for it?

A.    improve operations
B.    encourage consumption
C.    acquire technology
D.    access new cloud services

Answer: B

Which three options are factors or components that must be considered when dealing with a business value proposition? (Choose three.)

A.    Technological Development
B.    Key Performance Indicators
C.    Firm Infrastructure
D.    Capital Expenditures
E.    Human Resource Management
F.    Operating Expenses

Answer: BDF

Which option is a structured process to understand business landscape and context?

A.    business model canvas
B.    business outcomes canvas
C.    business model outcomes
D.    business canvas approach

Answer: A

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the steps of The Seven Elements framework on the left to the right in sequential order.


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