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Which three reasons to deploy an IDS sensor in promiscuous mode when you design a security solution are true? (Choose three.)

A.    Solution should be resistant to sensor failure.
B.    Solution should allow for stream normalization.
C.    Solution should not impact jitter and latency for voice traffic.
D.    Solution should allow for signature-based pattern matching.
E.    Solution should allow to deny packets inline.

Answer: ACD

Refer to the exhibit. Which two options are two characteristics of the single-tier headend architecture for DMVPN designs? (Choose two.)


A.    The mGRE and crypto functions are on the same router.
B.    Each DMVPN cloud has two different headend routers for high availability purposes.
C.    It is used in dual-cloud topologies for spoke-to-spoke connectivity.
D.    It only supports hub-and-spoke connectivity.
E.    Spokes cannot be used as RP in multicast deployments.

Answer: AC

Which two design aspects should a metro service provider consider when planning to deploy REP for his backbone? (Choose two.)

A.    Two REP segments can be connected redundantly at two points, one connection will be blocked as per the STP defined in IEEE 802.1d.
B.    UDLD can be enabled on REP interfaces to detect unidirectional failures.
C.    The guaranteed convergence recovery time is less than 50 ms for the local segment.
D.    A REP segment is limited to a maximum of seven devices.
E.    VLAN load balancing for optimal bandwidth usage is supported in any REP segment.

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit. Your company designed a network to allow server VLANs to span all access switches in a data center. In the design, Layer 3 VLAN interfaces and HSRP are configured on the aggregation switches.
Which two features will improve STP stability within the network design? (Choose two.)


A.    BPDU guard on access ports
B.    Edge port on access ports
C.    Root guard on access ports
D.    BPDU guard on the aggregation switch downlinks toward access switches
E.    Root guard on the aggregation switch downlinks toward access switches
F.    Access switch pairs are explicitly determined to be root and backup root bridges

Answer: AE

Acme Corporation wants to minimize the risk of users plugging unauthorized switches and hubs into the network.
Which two features can be used on the LAN access ports to support this design requirement? (Choose two.)

A.    BPDU Guard
B.    PortFast
C.    Loop Guard
D.    Port Security
E.    UDLD

Answer: AD

Which three methods allow storage access across an IP network? (Choose three.)

A.    FCIP
B.    Fiber Channel over GRE
C.    Fiber Channel over L2TPv3
D.    iSCSI
E.    NFS

Answer: ADE

Which two options are two advantages of summarizing networks at the aggregation layer rather than at the core? (Choose two.)

A.    It prevents the core from having unnecessary routes.
B.    It no longer needs a core layer.
C.    It prevents black hole routing.
D.    It avoids network-wide impact upon VLAN changes local to the aggregation devices.

Answer: AD

You are redesigning an OSPF v2 network and must migrate some links.
You are concerned that there are different subnet masks.
Which two link types will still form an OSPF adjacency even if there are subnet mask mismatches? (Choose two.)

A.    virtual
B.    broadcast
C.    point-to-multipoint
D.    non-broadcast
E.    point-to-point

Answer: AE

A large service provider offers VoIP and Video services to business customers.
Which three areas should the service provider monitor related to these services? (Choose three.)

A.    bandwidth utilization
B.    service response time
C.    packet loss
D.    jitter
E.    latency
F.    availability

Answer: CDE

Which two factors can significantly affect the OSPF network convergence time? (Choose two.)

A.    the tuning of OSPF LSA timers
B.    the number of OSPF routes
C.    the diameter of the OSPF network
D.    different processor capabilities of devices

Answer: AD

Currently a service provider provides IPv4 traceroute services between MPLS PE routers. The provider wants to implement IPv6 with MPLS 6PE/6VPE and then provide parallel IPv6 traceroute services between MPLS PE routers.
Which two design solutions provide this service? (Choose two.)

A.    The P routers must support ICMPv6.
B.    The PE routers must support ICMPv6.
C.    The P routers must support full IPv6.
D.    The PE routers must support full IPv6.

Answer: BD

You are performing a BGP design review for a service provider that offers MPLS-based services to their end customers. The network is comprised of several PE routers that run iBGP with a pair of route reflectors for all BGP address families.
Which two options about the use of Constrained Route Distribution for BGP/MPLS VPNs are true? (Choose two.)

A.    This feature must be enabled on all devices in the network at the same time.
B.    The RR must advertise the default route target filter toward the PE routers.
C.    The RRs do not need to advertise any route target filter toward the PE routers.
D.    Both PE and RR routers must support this feature.

Answer: BD

A multicast network is using bidirectional PIM. Which two actions, when combined, can achieve high availability so that two RPs within the same network can act in a redundant manner? (Choose two.)

A.    Use Anycast RP based on MSDP peering between the two RPs.
B.    Use a phantom RP address.
C.    Advertise routes for the two RPs with the same subnet mask through the unicast routing protocol.
D.    Advertise routes for the two RPs with different subnet mask lengths through the unicast routing protocol.
E.    Manipulate the administrative distance of the unicast routes to the two RPs.
F.    Manipulate the multicast routing table by creating static mroutes to the two RPs.

Answer: BD

You are deploying a nationwide intranet solution for a company with 4 data centers and 400 remote branches connected via a provider-based solution. As part of the network design, you must ensure efficient content distribution of training material to remote sites.
Which two VPN technologies leverage replication in the network core and provide for efficient bandwidth optimization? (Choose two.)

A.    VPLS
B.    EoMPLS
C.    MPLS Layer 3 VPN
D.    GRE

Answer: CE

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Which statement is correct about policy-based routing?

A.    It can create microloops during network reconvergence.
B.    It should be implemented at both ends of a GRE tunnel.
C.    It can limit the network scalability.
D.    It decreases failure detection time.

Answer: A

Which two statements are correct about Layer 3 fast convergence? (Choose two.)

A.    Switch routed interfaces converge faster than SVI interfaces.
B.    Routing protocol timers that are tuned aggressively increase the control plane’s CPU utilization.
C.    Layer 3 down detection is faster than Layer 1 and Layer 2 mechanisms.
D.    Interface dampening with routing protocol timers that are tuned low improve convergence time.
E.    Fiber cable provides faster convergence than UTP cable.

Answer: AB

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